Ocular Telemedicine – Vision Plan Covered Services and Provider Guidelines

The intent of the policy statement is to define the ocular telemedicine common denominator that may be covered by managed vision care plan. It is to serve as a guide for working with Managed vision care plans that offer ocular telemedicine as a covered service. It should simplify provider, client and industry - including equipment and technology system manufacturers - planning and participation in delivery of these services. [READ]

Any Willing Provider Statutes  Oppose

NAVCP opposes AWP statutes because they diminish the exclusivity value of preferred provider networks for optometrists, which eliminates a competitive tool for vision care plans. [READ]

Directory Requirement  Unnecessary

Current directory requirement statutes are an unnecessary healthcare administrative burden that increase costs for all stakeholders. [READ]

Eliminating the Employer-sponsored Insurance Exclusion  Oppose 

NAVCP strongly opposes any effort to eliminate or cap the tax exclusion of employer-sponsored insurance.  [READ]

Health Insurance Tax (ACA Section 9010)  Repeal

NAVCP strongly supports repeal of the annual fee on insurance providers and carving out plans that are barred from exchange participation. [READ]

Network Adequacy  Exemption

Vision care plans should be exempt from ACA network adequacy requirements. [READ]